Beaming Flowers-Thank You Card

Hi Everyone,

Simple cards are so beautiful. Just clean and elegant and they make you go wow everytime.

Here is a Thank you card..


Materials used:

  1. Neenah white card stock for the base
  2. A plain yellow card to add the flowers
  3. Flower stamp is Zinnia by Mudra Craft Stamps.
  4. The sentiment stamp is from Dianty Blooms-2 by Mudra Craft Stamps.
  5. Gold Embossing powder from WOW
  6. Spectrum Aqua Markers
  7. Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pen.
  8. Half pearls for decorations

Hope you like it!!

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World Card making Day!!

What?! World Card making day..That exists!! Well, hope there are many more oblivious to this like this blogger:-D

That’s another reason for card makers to appreciate and share the joy. And an opportunity for new crafters to being, to dive into the crafty world and explore the limitless possibilities. And not to forget, an opportunity to shop for more crafty goodies:-) Another reason to celebrate.

So take out the cards, stamps, inks, glitter pens, washi tapes, embossing powders and whatever other ingredients you can put into card making and create a fun card on world card making day.

Hobby Crafting!!

Embossed card background-Card 1

Hi everyone!! Was working on a greeting card for submission to a blog contest but couldn’t complete it on time:-/

😀 no problem. It is shared here. Some work to be done yet (finishing touches) but have already spent a lot of time fussing with it and it hasn’t really come to what was planned (maybe that’s why it didn’t enter the contest). However, nothing is wasted or unfruitful. It gives you ways to do it better each time.

Here’s the card..


Notice the ink beneath the embossed area..this when you don’t realize that your stained stamp has still got some ink on it.

Have used the following materials,

1. Mudra clear stamp-Rose Love

2. Versamark Ink pad

3. Coloured card stock

4. Vellum

5. Embossing powders by WOW-clear and metallic gold

Until next time Hobby Crafting!!

Dive into the Crafty World

Papers, pens, colors, inks, stamps, beads, threads and more and some more..As you start out, the sheer abundance of stuff that is available makes you go crazy!! For example, for a complete novice, paper may only mean the routine copy paper (me!!). But that’s not true. There are multiple options in terms of brands, textures, thickness, content. Same for pens that maybe water-based, solvent based, refillable, twin-tipped, ordinary markers, brush pens, shimmer pens and maybe many more. You name it and you will find it.

There are so many things that its easy to get confused and pick up everything or just nothing. There are immensely talented people out there who take the effort to review various products that companies have to offer and give you their best suggestion. Watch them. Learn from them. Visit the websites of the companies dealing in crafty stuff. Gather information. It does help.

The important thing to keep in mind is what you need for your art and craft pursuit can be best understood by only you. And as you start your research, the urge to buy new things or products is hard to resist (personal experience;-)). But you know that you don’t need everything at once. Sometimes, financially its not possible. That’s alright. Take that humble copy paper and make a list of items that interest you and which you would want in your stash. Build up your stock gradually and once you do so, use it generously. Enjoy the things that you purchased with your money to the fullest. Don’t bother if your favorite ink pad will run out of ink or fret over the last sheet of watercolor paper that may be used up. Use it create beautiful cards and be satisfied that it has been put to the best possible use. Until next time, Hobby crafting!!

Hobby Crafting Everyone

Hii everyone!! its important to clear right away that this is not an inspirational write-up. It may sound like one. This is all about arts, crafts and hobbies that you would pursue or want to. Often we are busy in everyday stuff, routine activities, boring daily monotonous work, unable to find time for our creativity..But there is a great way to find yourself in the crowd, to relax in the chaos and be satisfied that you are doing something that you enjoy. Sounds exciting. But How. Its simple. Spend time everyday doing what you like.

How often do we think that today I will spend 30 minutes doing what i like..Most of the time. And how often do we actually spend time doing it..not that often. And that is probably where the difference lies as far as creative satisfaction is concerned. After a full time job, its difficult to find time as exhaustion takes the better of you after a full time job. But everyone can try isn’t it. Look at how people have made their hobby their career. Not everyone can do that but we can atleast work for our own satisfaction.

So, watch great art and craft videos on YouTube, DIY stuff, read crafty blogs, start a blog, familiarize yourself with the art world, buy yourself that set of watercolors and most importantly, pursue you creativity. You never know you may unlock a door to the new world and just find your creative self on the other side. Until next time Hobby Crafting;-)